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Having been asked to repair many gloves trackside it pushed us to try to develop a glove with today's demands. We looked at the finances of most as well as considering the UV rays and perspiration. Today many gloves are made with a very thin leather. This does  shortens the life of the glove tremendously. Most gloves today  will be worn out in a very short time frame. The thinner leather does not stand up. So we sourced a cow hide manufacturer and asked for  basic cow hide gloves with  the basic needs. We also now have a Kangaroo/Cow mix glove with a little extra protection. All priced for the best value.

Pro-Kangaroo Glove


New Race Glove. Kangaroo palm,silcone textured palm,pinkie sewn to next finger for added protection..


Pro Glove


,Cow hide glove ,Knuckle and finger guards,,sliders on palm,Pinkie finger sewn to next finger.Silico..


Race Glove


   Race  Glove. Premium Cowhide Aniline Leather Excellent Protection Feature..

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