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Welcome to Bickle Racing.

Our business has been involved in Canadian Road racing and track days for over 25 years. Including our racing history we have a 38 year history at the track.

Have a look through our web site. We try to cover track day needs and cater to racing with quality products that work.

We source our own manufacturers and find solutions to  the problems we get when trackside. Our entire business has been built on trackside support. We service CSBK, RACE and SOAR with our trackside leather service and almost all our product line. We are adding products as fast as we can. If you need something you don't see ,gives us an email and we can try and source it for you.

We have added a custom clothing/decal line in the last few years. So if you need t-shirts or custom decals we are expanding our services here as well.

Thanks for checking us out and see you trackside!

Bickle Racing 



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Rotor Cover

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AIS Block off Plates

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Spider EVO Brake Lever

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Spider Universal Brake Guard

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PSR Brake Guard

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Tire Blankets

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Shark Fin

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