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We have over 30 years of leather working experience. Along with over 30 years of racing and teaching in this sport. When you need your leathers serviced don't take chances,the only thing between you and the ground are your leathers.

When a suit is repaired or lettered, it needs not be taken apart.

No seams are opened to apply the lettering or repair an area.

This ensures that your suit will not loose it's factory integrity.

Lettering can be customized to the customer's wishes.

Customs logos can be applied to any area of the suit.

There's little that cannot be accomplished these days.

Figure out what you want and where you want it and we'll accommodated.Or we can design for you!

We work year round! Get ready for the season early.

Send your leathers to BICKLE RACING to get your suit repaired or to get some lettering done.

Don't wait until April,, that's when we start the summer season.


Lettering starts at $8.00 each letter for layered cut leather, standard fonts  (included is one background color,recommended,$50 min,)

We have two ,methods of lettering. One to fit your budget. So if the cut leather method is a bit above your budget we can accomdodate most budgets with the second method.

Patches $12.50 each small chest patch (average sponsor logo patch) 

$15.00 each small shoulder/upper arm.

Repairs -Seams and holes start at $20-$25 each. Pricing will accomodate large volumes of repairs.

Zipper repairs will start at $60 for a full length suit and leg/wrist zippers start at $30 each

Knee velcro repairs start at $35 per knee

Call us for ideas and details 905 432 8988 or email

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