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Warmers,Cozies and Ice Wraps

Cold Weather covers or Wind stops. Three models to choose from. All warmers need help on cooler and windy days. Stopping the wind helps the warmer over come cooler weather.  So don't get caught out. Ensure you have the proper heat soak for the tire to get the best performance and wear.

Bickle Racing SB Programmable Warmers


Programmable warmers designed to keep the temperature at a constant. Very easy to set the temperatur..


Bickle Single Temperature Warmers


Includes Front and rear warmer designed to fit your choice of rear tire. Single Temperature in B..


Valve Stems 90/83 degree-pair


Valve is angled at 83° for easier access for inflating and checking tire pressure. Made in Italy..


Cold Weather Covers Black


Cold Weather covers... Made from black Polar Fleece and Cordura,designed to help insulate and pro..


Competitive Ice Tire Covers-Pair


Includes Front and rear for 19 and 21 inch tires Made with 1000 Cordura,, heavy duty elastic bun..

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