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BICKLE KNEE SLIDERS are made from a very hard material with a very low coefficient of friction. This allows the puck to last longer and give better feed back to the rider. The slider does not grab the tarmack but allows your knee slider to be placed and slide over the asphalt without catching. We've also added a slight curve as most suits today have knee and shin armour. This helps the puck to make contact with all the attaching velcro. Bickle Knee sliders are hand made.

Check out the December 2001 issue of Roadracing World & Motorcycle Technology for a comparison test of Knee Sliders. With Chris Ulrich's Subjective Point Rankings a 1st overall rating out of 19 different sliders was our reward.

"I like that one," said Ulrich. "I thought it would be too hard before I got going but that one stayed good throughout the entire thing, real consistent, real clean. It had the right amount of grip. Plus, they don't look funny. They wear pretty well but have more grip and a better feel than some of the harder plastic pucks.,,,

If you are a trackside vendor and think you could sell Bickle Knee Sliders we'd like to hear from you.

Solid Color Knee Sliders


Standard Slider in  black or white  on a black backing in our new thickness,3/4 inch th..


Knee sliders Buy two and save


Solid colour knee sliders buy two  regular in stock and save  If you would like to mi..


Reverse Velcro Knee Sliders


If your leathers have the velcro opposite to most suits. We can make you some sliders that will w..


Endurance Slider


Same material just thicker to last longer. Same feel, no drag and best longevity as our regular slid..


Endurance Slider Buy Two and Save


Buy two and save...

Endurance Reverse  Velcro Slider

Endurance Reverse Velcro Slider


Reverse Velcro  for those suits with hook Velcro on the suit..

Buy 2 and save Reverse Velcro Endurance

Buy 2 and save Reverse Velcro Endurance


For suits with hook Velcro on the suit..

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