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Bickle Racing has been developing warmers for over 20 years. Over the years the tires have been changing and we at Bickle Racing work hard with riders like Ben Young,CSBK #1 and PJ Jacobsen 's teams ,Moto America/HSBK-Celtic Racing to make a product that deals with the ever changing tire technology. Helping make the warmer work for the top teams and yet keeping them easy to use for the privateer. 

"Second day of testing at COTA.  We are fastest Superstock 1000 and have been for all sessions so far.  Thanks for making great tire warmers.  We've used Bickle warmers for years and we depend on them to keep our Dunlop tires at proper temperature."                                                                          George Latus, Quicksilver Latus Motors Racing Kawasaki

All prices are in Canadian Dollars.  Warmers come in all black.Single Temperature and digital control models available as well to maximize your tire performance and set up. 

Bickle Racing SB Programmable Warmers


Programmable warmers designed to keep the temperature at a constant. Very easy to set the temperatur..


Bickle Single Temperature Warmers


Includes Front and rear warmer designed to fit your choice of rear tire. Single Temperature in B..

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