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Bike Fasteners

Magnetic Drain Plug


Titanium Sump Bolts are made from aircraft grade titanium 6AL-4V (grade 5) and are suitable to repla..


Kurvey Girl racing Spring Clips


2 - Large Spring Clips: Use for Axle Nut. 5 - Medium Spring Clips Use for Oil drain plug, Ignit..


Lock wire-Safety Wire


Aircraft Stainless Steel Lockwire I pound canister- diameter ,025..


KurveyGirl Universal Resovoir Mount


"Ladybird" style bracket is true to the original shape and function of the classic bracket.  Ma..


6pc - D-Ring Dzus, Clip-On, Fiberglass Bodywork (12mm) (D8)


Complete 6pc Kit for attaching fiberglass motorcycle bodywork together.  12mm DzusĀ® bolts are..


Dzus 6 pack rivet


DZUSĀ® Professional Grade Fasteners: Same style fasteners found on top motorcycle road racing bikes.&..


Wellnut Windshield Attachment Kit


Attach your windshield to your sport bike with Stainless Steel Button Head Allen screws in blac..


Oil Filler Bolt-pre drilled


Made with 6061 T6 Aluminum CNC Finished with Pre drilled safety wire holes.Black only.Honda All BOC-..


Fairing Rain Plugs


Plastic plugs to allow the lower fairing to be converted to dry oil retaining lower or to a lower th..

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